4 Popular Myths About Pasta That You Should Not Believe

We all love pasta, right? It is the first dish that comes in everyone’s mind to enjoy the easy Sundays. The perfect food item to invite for and your guests are always curious about which pasta dish you are going to serve them. But, there are some rumours that somehow discourage you not to have pasta, which is not a good idea.


Here are 4 popular myths which needs to be given a second thought.

1. The industrial manufacturing produces worse pasta

There might be many things which is being rolled amongst people about some demerits of eating pasta but one of the prior rumour is that industrial manufacturing makes worse pasta. Grinding the wheat needs to separate the bran from flour. Industrial manufacturing implement this process by keeping in mind not to eliminate healthy fibres such as gluten and starch. Using traditional stone grinding method brings out wholemeal flour which can make you fat.

2. There is only one type of flour to make pasta

Many believe that pasta is made of only one type of flour which s a myth. Pasta is cooked with a mixture of multiple flours which means you not only get to eat delicious pasta but you also consumes the goodness of several flours to determine your healthy body. So, if you have been believing that pasta is not made of multi-grains, than you need to think again.

3. Water salting ruins pasta

If you are constantly avoiding to order pasta just because of salt intake myth, you probably missing the goodness of pasta. Adding salt water to pasta is absolutely healthy for you. There is nothing to worry about salting water in the pasta. For a better belief, salting water helps pasta to cook faster and adds a flavour to pasta.

4. Pasta makes you fat

Eliminating pasta from your favourite foods, only because you think that it will make you fat, is not a good idea. If you intake 100 grams of pasta, you actually consume 360 kcal energy where you intake 70% carbohydrates and 13% protein and some minor fat content. This has been clinically proved that carbohydrate does not make you fat.

To sum it up, rumours are only ruin your thinking until you experience it. Pasta not only provides you goodness of fibres but it is also stomach filling. We, at New York Pizza, provides you its several flavours such as Spaghetti & Meatballs, Meat Lasagna, Veggie Lasagna and many more. We avail the quick delivery of pasta in Hayward. To take the order, contact us now.